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Your opinion is important to us!

Register with opinionnow.co.uk! As a registered tester at opinionnow.co.uk we will invite you regularly to interesting surveys on various topics. Our customers are from the sectors of branded goods, media and services. You will see products and concepts of tomorrow first and will be asked for your opinion on them. Besides that, by the fee you can pay off a part of your monthly online costs. We offer direct compensation on the PayPal account of the interviewees.

We pay for your opinion!

In compensation for your effort you get an incentive. The amount depends on duration and theme of interview. For a 30-minute-interview you can count on 5 GBP/ 7 US-$. We transfer the amount for each interview to your Paypal account.

How does it work?

If you would like to be invited to participate in surveys the only thing you have to do is to register with our online-panel. We will ask you about some basic information like age, gender and consumer behaviour to decide which themes and products come into question for your consumer profile. The registration will take about 4 minutes.

Protection of Data Privacy

All interviews are subjected to the rules of law about data privacy. Please notice that the questions for the registration are for classification purposes only. Your personal details will not be passed onto any third party. Your interview answers will not be analysed in conjunction with your name and address.

If you have got an invitation for a test by e-mail,please enter the test using the link mentioned in the invitation.

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